Join our team!

We offer students, researchers, budding journalists or just curious citizens the opportunity to join our team. Whether you like to write, talk, edit, illustrate, or just chat about what you’re obsessed with, we would be happy to have you in the team.

There are a lot of different things you can do, whether you don’t have much time to spare or want to get really involved: try your hand at writing in the style of accessible journalism; make a short podcast or video (level 1); take scientific pictures or draw to illustrate the articles, spot typos (level 2); pitch subjects ideas, share original news, subjects and events with us (level 3).

“A la carte”

You can choose different level of involvement (see levels above) and be part of the spin team. As a “spinner”, you have a profile page one the website and an access to the “Newsroomand its contents: tutorials, the pitch zone, science communication resources.

You can also be a guest author. As a guest author you can give exposure to your work and thoughts and practice your writing skills without being a “full-time” member.

If you really don’t feel like writing but do have some materials (essays, dissertations, thesis) that you want to publish, please feel free to send it: we will be happy to edit and publish it under your name.

No previous experience is required

To contribute to Spin, you don’t need to have published articles or produced podcasts/videos before. But you do need to follow some rules →

What we’re looking for

To be a spin article, your article/podcast/video must:

  •  Be casual, clear, precise and original
  •  Propose something new
  •  Convey your passion
  •  Talk to a broad audience

Please note that:

  •  Your articles should be limited to 750 words, except for the feature articles that can reach 1300 words.
  • The idea is not to repeat what other articles have already said, but to add an interesting twist to the subject.
  • We encourage personal opinion and controversial subjects. But do CHECK FACTS.

Start now!

If you want to become a regular contributor, or just send a one shot article/video/podcast, get in touch with us at or fill in the form below to submit an article, an idea etc.

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